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About me

Kim Kay

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As a degree qualified Naturopath BHSc(Nat) & experienced Yoga Therapist,

I am passionate about working with individuals to assist them on their unique journey to wellness.

Following a career as a yoga therapist and yoga teacher, the benefit of holistic health for treating the individual became apparent.

It inspired me to undertake naturopathic training at Endeavour College of Health in Brisbane, Australia.

I now incorporate yogic philosophy into my Naturopathic health practice.

My perimenopause journey started with an unexpected moment at the traffic lights, where a wave of  unwarranted anxiety washed over me suddenly. It was such a shock and scary at the same time. 

I remember thinking, "what the heck is happening to me?"

My journey progressed to feelings of exhaustion all the time, waking during the night and my weight was steadily increasing with my age. I was moody, snapping at my loved ones for no particular reason

and I just wanted to hide from the world.  

I believe that people can experience difficult challenges in their lives, that can be eased through a holistic approach. Achieving a balance through diet, lifestyle, natural herbs and supplements.

I personally have used these approaches to nurture my body through perimenopause.


Naturopathy and holistic health is not just a profession for me; it's a passion.

In depth assessments are conducted in order to understand your unique needs and develop

an individualised, tailored holistic treatment plan specific to you.


In my free time I love spending time in nature; hiking, cycling and taking my dog, Banjo for a walk, practicing yoga and pilates regularly.

Spending time with family and friends, enjoying a good meal and

one another's company is an important part of my life as well as curling up with a good book.

I believe at each step of life's journey wellness can be reached. 

Start your journey to wellness now!


IAYT Certification
About me
NHMNZ certification
Practitioner Healthy Gut certification

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